UTG LS269 Green Laser Sight

UTG Combat Weapon & Handheld Tactical Green Laser Sight w/TS Platform/Smart Spherical Structure and Double Coil Spring for Precise Windage/Elevation Adjustment, Complete w/Weaver/Picatinny Tactical Ring, Pressure Switch & Battery, and W/E Adjustment Tool


Night Owl Optics iGen 20/20 Day/Night Vision Image Processor

The Night Owl iGen 20/20 Day/Night Vision Image Processor Monocular NOIGM3X is a powerful infrared device that has the night vision capability you need. The Night Owl NOIGM3X adjusts to different levels of darkness automatically with infrared intelligence feature allowing you to use at night and during the day. Featuring Night Owl iGen technology, the Night Owl 20/20 Night Vision Monocular NOIGM3X provides superior night vision without the use of an intensifier tube. iGen features double the infrared sensitivity of tube-based technologies and an infrared illumination field that is 100 percent free of distortion. In field tests, the iGen light amplification exceeded the highest priced Gen3 intensifier tube technology available. The Night Owl NOIGM3X is great for use in any light conditions for: Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Security and Law Enforcement. Night Owl Night Vision goes beyond image quality and performance superior to any product in its price range; the iGen 20/20 Night Vision Scope features video output for real time recording using any standard video recorder and infrared sensitivity that allows it to function as a high quality monocular in daylight without the risk of damaging interior components. Dimensions:9x4x2.5 inches


Bering Optics HiPo 4.3×60 Generation 1 High Power Night Vision Monocular

The high-powered magnification HiPo night vision monocular is best suited for long range observation purposes. HiPo ranks among the best in the Gen 1 class for the quality of image and the detection distance.   The unit was designed with the user’s comfort in mind. HiPo also ranks top in the industry in terms of eye-relief distance, which allows the user to enjoy the viewing experience for prolonged time without experiencing eye fatigue.   The HiPo’s body has a built-in weaver mount to allow the attachment of additional accessories such as an IR-flashlight.   Long range viewing up to 385 yards (350m) 70-hour battery life Fully multicoated optics Reliable and easy to use Limited lifetime warranty Two built-in ¼” tripod sockets Auto-shut off against sun light exposure Integrated powerful infrared illuminator Weaver rail for mounting accessories 20% more energy efficient than the competition 4.3x magnification. Large 60mm objective. 70-hour battery life. Auto shut off against sun light exposure. Integrated powerful IR illuminator.


AmScope SE306-AZ-E2 20X-40X-80X Binocular Stereo Dissecting Microscope with 2MP USB Camera

This backward binocular arm-stand stereo microscope comes with a 2MP USB digital camera. It has three magnification power settings, 20X-40X-80X, and a versatile illumination system that provides both incident (top) lighting and transmitted (bottom) illumination. You can choose between incident illumination shining down onto the object or transmitted illumination through the frosted stage plate. The first is used for the observation of three-dimensional objects and the second for the observation of slides. This microscope offers high resolution and good depth within a broad field of view. It gives sharp clear stereo images. Its 45 degree inclined binocular head ensures an easy observation and rubber eyeguards provide further comfort.The digital camera captures microscope images, records and streams live video on your computers. With the user-friendly software included, compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 & Mac (Driver Free), you can edit microscope images and save them in BMP, TIFF, JPG, PICT, PTL or other formats. The camera dose not need any driver and the software is very easy to be installed on your computer.This stereo microscope is a great instrument for many applications. It can be used in geology, forestry, archaeology, agriculture and biology. It is appropriate for educational purposes in hospitals and schools. It is great for the exploration of the world of surface details and fine structures of various materials like wood, metal, solder, semiconductor and stone. It is perfect for the examination of insects, plants, rocks, stamps, coins, jewel, soldered points, microelectronic components or virtually any three dimensional objects. This scope is an ideal tool for watchmaker, jeweler, engraver, dies-maker, philatelist, coin collector, students, and etc. It comes with first-class quality and affordable price. It is brand new in factory-sealed box. Its retail value is above $1100.


AmScope M500C 40x-2500x Advanced Home School Compound Microscope

This high power biological compound microscope comes with coarse and fine focusing and offers six levels of magnification power: 40X, 100X, 250X, 400X, 1000X, 2500X. It is good microscope for students to learn science or vets to check animal sperm and feces. It is an ideal instrument for teaching demonstration and clinical examination in biological, bacteriological and pharmaceutical areas. It is a perfect microscope for home school or family use. This microscope is brand new in factory sealed box. Its retail value is $900.


Supereyes B008 500X USB Digital 5.0 MP Portable Pen Mini HD Manual Focus Microscope Endoscope Magnifier Camera Loupe Otoscope with LED and Stand

* Interface USB 2.0 * Max Size: Ø17 mm × 126 mm * Light Sources: LED illumination (adjustable by control wheel) * OSD language: English, Chinese, German, Japanese * Softeware Bundle:MicroCapture with measurement and calibration function * For Mac, please use Photo Booth or Facetime to open it. No software for Mac at this time * Photo Taken by the software and hardware * Photo Capture Resolution: 2592 × 1944 1280 × 960, 960 × 720, 640 × 480, 320 × 240 * Photo Format:JPGE * Video:High compression, 11 hours long * Video Capture Resolution:320 × 240 * Video Format:WMV * Display Speed:Maximum 30 f/s